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  1. Hi both, Yeah I get that it's hard to know especially when it hasn't happened to me since being gluten free. Today is the first day that the pain and my stomach seem better so I think it was gluten from something but I have no idea if it was the restaurant or not. I do get some gas after...
  2. Hi Everyone, I have been gluten free for about 6 week and been feeling so much better. Last night I went out for a family meal, I wasn't keen on going but they picked a place that is accredited by coeliac UK so that helped. I had a gluten free pizza which was good and it was square to...
  3. Yes, I eventually had a pill cam test looking for crohn's disease, but instead they thought they saw some villous atrophy so I had another biopsy which was positive this time Thanks both, I was seeing a private consultant thanks to insurance and he was very persistent thankfully
  4. Yes, I eventually had a pill cam test looking for crohn's disease, but instead they thought they saw some villous atrophy so I had another biopsy which was positive this time.
  5. Hi everyone, Just an update, since my last posting the doctors started looking at other causes so I was on and off perscibed vitamins (folate b12, iron and vitamin D) repeatedly but my levels wouldn't stay up. So eventually coeliac came back up. The "good news" is that they have now found the...
  6. Hi everyone, Biopsies came back negative but they want me to stay gluten free until they have seen me in a weeks time. Im other news my folate has come back up but my iron is still down and my vitamin D is now very low. Will keep you updated
  7. That's pretty much what my GI said and he seems fairly sure its coeliac due to tests I have had to rule out crohns disease and that IBS doesn't explain my vitamin issues. I think i might have gotten lucky with my GI compared to some of the things people had said on this forum.
  8. Hi everyone, Had my biopsy done, they said it looked normal but have taken 4 biopsies from my Duodenum. They have told me to start a gluten free diet. Will let you know when I get the results. Will
  9. I saw one last year and had to wait about a month I think.
  10. I was told to have sime gluten with every meal untill my biopsy and i feel much worse for it so no matter what the result i think i definitely have some issue with gluten. Interestingly my consultant said that with my symptoms and deficiencies he would consider me to have coeliac even with...
  11. Hi everyone, Just an update, I have seen the consultant and he thinks it's coeliac, he is going to do a biopsy in the next week or two and if that's negative he wants to do a gene test. I will let you all know what happens Thanks Will
  12. Hi, I'm waiting for a diagnosis too so can't really comment on the coeliac side but I have low iron, ferritin and folate but my hemoglobin is "normal" but was on the bottom of the normal range last time, Anyway yes my heart rate has increased as I started to feel worse. Will
  13. Hi Posterboy, Im definitely going to try and find some sublingual b12 as the Dr is pretty sure that's the issue but said they should have tested before putting me on folate replacement. Im seeing the consultant on Thursday and hopefully having the biopsy a week on Wednesday so hopefully...
  14. Hi everyone, Thanks for your replies, it turns out that I'm covered under my wife's works health insurance so my gp has given me a private referal and the insurance company have approved a full coeliac blood panel and a biopsy so fingers crossed I'm going to finally get a resolution...