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Alex the rash

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  1. My gut is as good as ever.eating well.no weight gain though..rash always causes edema.that is a problem. Skin gets tight on feet and calves. Stretches the skin rash and thats real pain and very depressing. Usually all goes away in five days if im careful.. Perhaps its ginger tea looking after gut...
  2. Thanks for all your replies, Ive had Leaky Gut for about 4 years also,therefore very anti tomatoes,egg whites,broccoli,pineapple,advacado,oranges,dairy. Sweet potatoes are fine and plentiful here,but this year they have a worm infestation which in a way is a good sign they havent been chemicaled...
  3. Hello from a newbie living in Thailand. Have read recently that potatoes and rice can antagonize a celliac sufferer.but sweet potatoes are ok? Any thoughts on this please...