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Hi there! I recently found out that I have a gluten intolerance. Until this site I had no idea that there was such thing as "silent" celiac disease. I figured I didnt have celiac and only an intolerance because it wasnt an immediate reaction. Until I found out there are silent celiacs out there. Also, until my bowel movements recently changed and they are always hard, I guess pushing out whats been stuck in there for the past two plus years. Now, I am curious to know if its more than GI but am scared to go back on gluten for a test...but if I have to I will.. The problem however is at the moment I dont have health insurance. When or how I will get it I cannot determine at this time. I was going to the clinic out of pocket but the clinic I go to doesn't test for celiacs.Celiac testing I heard and researched can be very costly. So now I am asking does anyone know of any low cost celiac testing sites in atlanta or that can be purchased online. I heard that some support groups know of some, and if you do please help!

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