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Blood Test Results - Positive Total Iga, Everything Else Negative

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I'm in the UK and have been tested for Celiac for the second time recently. I saw my GP yesterday and was told all the bloods were in order except for my total IgA which was elevated. Now i'm aware that a deficiency in IgA can skew the results of the other tests - is this true of elevated IgA too?


Has anyone here been in this kind of situation.


I have to say i'm very frightened - searching for "elevated IgA" turns up some problems, including the C word. I'm 35 and don't want to die.


I have been scoped both ways - up twice in 2 years, down once in same time period and all was fine.

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I am 35... my Total serum was high and my SED rate was 65 (normal 20)...other celiac panel was neg. Hitting roadblock at getting skin rash biopsied. PCP is concerned with SED rate, wants it rechecked....surprise the GI doc who ordered it never called about it.

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