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Larry's Subs

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As history, I 'discovered' that Larry's Subs in Savannah, GA was offering gluten-free sub rolls and they were DELICIOUS.  I enjoyed the bread along w/the gluten-free meats for about a month but last week I went in and was told the gluten-free rolls were discontinued b/c there's wasn't the demand.  To the best of my knowledge, Larry's Subs doesn't have a FB page but I tried to get the word out.  When I found they had discontinued the product, I wrote to the people who created the rolls - Cookie Momsters in Jacksonville, FL (http://www.cookiemomsters.com/)

 Here is their response:


Hello Linda,
Thank you for letting us know about Savannah.  We just signed a contract with a Distributor so that ALL Larry's Subs thru out the southeast can easily order the rolls. It may take a week or so for the word to filter to the stores but the system is in place now.
What GREAT news.....pls. pass the word to everyone in the southeast and contact the company, Cookie Momsters to let them know how grateful we all are.
Savannah, GA


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