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Gluten Intolerant/yeast/something Else?

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Hi all

First post here for me and would greatly appreciate anyone taking the time to read and respond.I will try my best to keep the post as short as I can.


I have been having ongoing symptoms for a year and a half now.I have been to gp practices about ten times,two visits to hospital for blood tests(one of which apparently included a gluten sensitivity test which came back negative but I know these tests are unreliable),stool test  and urine samples,sti clinics three times and am now currently working with a homeopath who is awaiting to receive the results of another stool test.All test have come back negative and clean,all docs have been able to say is I don’t know whats wrong with you(one even point blank insisted that my diet could not be causing this in any way,shape or form,ridiculous).


The homeopath has made a  few suggestions however and a I am about to start a cleanse diet,followed by elimination diet.


Just some background health info.I have had skin rashes due to eczema all my life.I am now 30,this got progressively worse until I was 24,it then started to get infected and after a few bouts of infection I really applied willpower to stop the damn scratching and it has been  improved for the last few years.Also I have always had a tendency to have bloodshot,weepy,irritated eyes.



-Muscle loss and fat gain

-bloodshot eyes,eye mucus,red irritated skin around eyes

-eczema flare ups

-mucus in stool,red irritated skin down below  after bouts of this

-excess smegma mucus type buildup between penis gland and foreskin,red irritated skin around foreskin after this

-lack of energy,lethargy,tiredness




-non caffeinated hot drinks


-Junk food in excess(Mcdonalds,cakes etc.)

-Milk(possible trigger,not certain about this as I have stopped drinking it now)


Also the symptoms are simultaneous.For example I don’t think about the physical symptoms then get depressed,its automatically there along with them.Sometimes I only get a few symptoms,sometimes more.I have begun to clean up my diet as a result of this eating more fresh veg,raw garlic,supps but still must kick caffeine and alcohol into touch.

I am especially interested in hearing from any guys who had the same symptoms as me down below as these are the ones I am most concerned about.


Can gluten cause these symptoms?Any and all advice appreciated




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Hi multiplemoods,


I'm new at this (and fairly new here); according to what I've read here and a couple of other sites your symptoms could be caused by some kind of gluten  or wheat intolerance, although it may not be celiac disease. If other causes have been ruled out, you could try eliminating wheat, barley and rye from your diet to see how you feel, but it's your decision. Good luck to you.

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