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Elevated Igf-1 - Mostlikely Not Celiac Related

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I have been to a new orthomolecular doctor who ran a thousand tests on me. He ran an Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) test on me, I'm guessing to assess my pituitary function because of hypothyroidism, which came back quite high.  For my age IGF-1 should be 109-284 but mine is 401. In my opinion, that's not just a little high, that's quite high.


All I can find on a cause of a high IGF-1 is a benign pituitary tumor causing acromegaly... eek. :blink: I can't even find a best cae or worst case scenarios, just acromegaly.


My doctor didn't comment on it except to say that it would help build muscle (I believe).


Has anyone had a high IGF-1 before or know what I should reasearch? I am pretty sure it's not celiac related but it can be thyroiditis linked. 


Ugh, now that I have finally started looking into solving and treating my known health problems, I seem to be finding more things to worry about (whether it's a valid worry I'm not sure).  It's almost like renovating your house, it's really hard to stop at just one room!



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