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Do I Have Celiac Disease?

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Hi everyone, the more I read about Celiac disease the more I think I might have it.



My symptoms:


-Dairy intolerant, even lactose free milk gives me problems.


-For the last couple of years if I wake up early in the morning I have very bad nausea.


-I haven't had a solid bowel movement for probably 12 months.


-Stomach cramps, gas, and the runs for a couple years, some days worse than others, but pretty persistent.


-Even when completely off of dairy for over a week I've still got diarrhoea, less nausea though.


-This has been getting worse lately which is why I finally cut dairy out completely.


-I've recently been getting migraines for the first time ever, only 2 so far though.



And I think this is the real clincher for me, yesterday I had a huge bowl of cereal absolutely full of wheat for the first time in probably over 6 months, and about 5 hours later I was absolutely flawed with stomach pains, gas, and diarrhoea. This reaction lasted all night and this morning and I'm only just starting to feel a little bit better now (about 24hrs after eating the wheat). I was really dazed all morning as well, vision a little blurry, hard to articulate things, and just generally dull. This was the worst I've felt in months. I also felt nauseous the other morning after eating lots of cookies the night before as well.


What do you all think?


And what's my next step? Should I just cut out gluten completely and see how I go, or should I go to a doctor and get a proper diagnosis?


Also I'm 27year old, male, and have probably been having digestive issues for 4 or 5 years...




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Greetings Tim,


First, you need to determine if you are consuming enough gluten to be tested.  You may be getting gluten even if you are not eating bread, but you would need to discuss that or read up on that.  I think you should get blood tests for antibodies to gluten (celiac) just as soon as possible.  keep eating gluten until all testing is done.  After the blood tests you may also have an endoscopy for further clarification.  After that you could take the final test.  Avoid all gluten and see what happens.


I hope you will soon have definitive answers.  Your symptoms sound uncomfortable, and please get better.



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Thanks for the reply.


I also forgot to mention that I've lost 11kg of muscle over the past year as well and am pretty skinny now. I find it very hard to put on weight and maintain it.


I'm booked in to see the doctor on Friday. Lets see how it goes... :)

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Please someone post the list of tests for Tim.

 I read this: "IGA gliadin and IGA endomysial tests are the most accurate"


So at this stage I'm pretty much just going to go in and ask for those tests and ask what the doctor thinks about it all.


I also just read that geographic tongue is common with celiac disease, and that actually started for me at about the same times as my other symptoms. So I've got a heck of a lot of symptoms of celiac disease... will be interesting to see what the test results are.

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be sure to check out the link at the bottom for a lot of great info.  here are the blood tests you should ask for, and a GP or GI can order them:


Comprehensive Celiac Panel:

DGP iga/igg

ttg iga/igg


Total iga serum-this is a control test to make sure you make enough iga to validate the other testing

check out page 12 in this report for testing information:


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