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  1. I put this in my diagnosis thread, but I wanted to start one specifically on low cholesterol. Went gluten-free in March 2013 and just got my cholesterol screen back, and my numbers are the lowest they've ever been. I'm thinking my fat malabsorption problems may have returned. I eat a high fat diet, so there's no reason these numbers should be so low. I know having cholesterol and triglycerides are a good thing, so what are your thoughts...is my cholesterol going to stay low? If yours improved about how long did it take, and how many points did it improve? All the articles I've found are about lowering one's cholesterol and very limited information is out there in regards to low cholesterol, and its long term effects. I'd like it up around 170 again. Thanks for your input Fasting October 2010: Total 171 HDL 52 LDL 96 Tri 116 Non-Fasting April 2012: Total 153 HDL 60 LDL NA Tri NA Fasting April 2013: Total 135 HDL 52 LDL Did not register Tri Less than 45 Fasting July 2013: Total 155 HDL 63 LDL 82 Tri 49 VLDL 10 Fasting April 2014: Total 145 HDL 57 LDL Did not register Tri Less than 45 Fasting April 2015: Total 159 HDL 55 LDL Did not register Tri Less than 45 Fasting November 2015: Total 140 HDL 51 LDL 79 Tri 46 Fasting November 2016: Total 127 HDL 51 LDL 68 Tri 40 VLDL 8
  2. Need Help With Tests Results Please

    First the positive! My Vitamin D is now a 57.6. Highest it's ever been!! I randomly still take a 50000 iu every few weeks since I still have them, so that probably helps. However I went for my yearly physical and previous to going I noticed I was starting to bruise again easily. Overall I'm feeling good, but a bit more tired in general. I got my blood test results back, and my Vitamin K1 is the lowest it's been in years. LabCorp changed their interval reference, but it reads: Vitamin K1 My result: <0.13 and the reference range is 0.13-1.88 September 2015 it was at a .30, so that's bumming me out. I don't know what my DGP IGG is because LabCorp now has a reflex test and since my IGA levels have always been normal, and the only positive I've ever had was the DGP IGG, my doctor will have to specifically write I need that test again. It's going to be run when I get my Vitamin K1 retested after supplementing again in about a month. Here's my cholesterol through the years. It's the lowest it's been which would be fine if my diet wasn't high in fat: Fasting October 2010: Total 171 HDL 52 LDL 96 Tri 116 Non-Fasting April 2012: Total 153 HDL 60 LDL NA Tri NA Fasting April 2013: Total 135 HDL 52 LDL Did not register Tri Less than 45 Fasting July 2013: Total 155 HDL 63 LDL 82 Tri 49 VLDL 10 Fasting April 2014: Total 145 HDL 57 LDL Did not register Tri Less than 45 Fasting April 2015: Total 159 HDL 55 LDL Did not register Tri Less than 45 Fasting November 2015: Total 140 HDL 51 LDL 79 Tri 46 Fasting November 2016: Total 127 HDL 51 LDL 68 Tri 40 VLDL 8 This is the lowest it's ever been and my diet is high in fat which makes me think perhaps my fat malabsorption is back. I know you need cholesterol and triglycerides, so I'm just feeling a bit frustrated. I have a lot of great things happening in my life right now, so the thought of finding a new GI and going through more testing is frustrating. My next step is supplementing the Vitamin K1 then getting that retested in a month with the DGP IGG. Knowledge is power, but I've been feeling a bit down after getting these results earlier this week and knew it would make me feel better putting it all into writing.
  3. Traveling to Hershey, PA

    Replying to this late, but Piazza Sorrento is awesome!! http://www.piazzasorrento.com/gluten-free-menu/
  4. Need Help With Tests Results Please

    Haven't been back to update in a long time, but I'm doing great!! My vitamin/mineral levels are normal, and the only time now I get a minimally backed up digestive system is when I'm under a great deal of stress. I'm perfectly fine accepting that reason now instead of doctors pawning everything off on stress. I moved into Philadelphia and started a new job, been dating and just enjoying life in general. Gluten may have made my twenties not the most enjoyable, but it makes me so thankful for what I have and feel now. For anyone reading this trying to figure things out, trust me it's worth it! I've been going with the mentality, "Everything will work out," and it really has
  5. Halitosis And Body Odor...feeling Embarrassed...please Help!

    Well Zebra007, you got it I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong, but in this case, this supposedly "great guy" had serious issues. The allergy testing came up with a few minor allergies but nothing severe. The doctor said I had no need to take a daily antihistamine, and I didn't need allergy shots. I get a little bit of morning breath most likely from the hernia, but as my friends and the doctor reassured me, most people do have morning breath. I did flat out ask the ENT about my breath, and he said I did not have halitosis. Instead he told me the guy I had been seeing was a dud and that I needed to do a better job finding better suitors hahaha I never saw the guy again after I went to the doctor because he disappeared on me. I've never had a guy disappear on me before so that was incredibly hurtful, but the cliche live and learn definitely comes into play. I work with elementary school age children who can always be counted on for their honesty, and they never said anything about me smelling. I was asking friends to smell my breath. I have good friends This supposedly great guy made me feel so insecure about things, but karma keeps me going. Positive outcome about the situation...I started using Therabreath products, and they're great!! I didn't let that other guy stop me, so I'm back out on the dating scene. Bring it on
  6. Halitosis And Body Odor...feeling Embarrassed...please Help!

    so the outcome from the ENT's office was that I don't have halitosis. He did find that my nose was slightly stuffed, there were no signs of active reflux and everything else looked normal. It is an ENT and allergy clinic in one, so I am going back for allergy testing in a few weeks. Until that time I am not supposed to take any kind of antihistamines, so this change to spring should be an interesting one. I've been using a neti pot, and that definitely seems to help. The doctor also said since I've never had a guy or any friends complain about this before, it could just be a difference of the bacteria in our mouths...attractive haha He prescribed me Peridex for right now to see if that helps any. It only seems to be affecting this guy which is really upsetting because I do really like him. I will brush/floss/use mouthwash/chew gum, but in the end if it bothers him that much and he doesn't want to continue seeing me then he's not worth keeping around anyway.
  7. Halitosis And Body Odor...feeling Embarrassed...please Help!

    Thanks for all the suggestions I have an appointment with an ENT this week, so here's hoping!
  8. so March 10th will mark two years gluten-free, and I feel so much better! However here's what's going on... I'm dating this great guy but earlier this week he told me that my breath and body odor really turn him off. I'm an extremely hygienic person...brush and floss at least twice a day, shower once a day, wear deodorant...so when he told me, quite honestly I was shocked and dumbfounded I ended up crying in front of him, and I am NOT a crier. It didn't seem to scare him off, and I could tell he felt really bad, but at the same time despite having my ego bruised, I'm glad he told me. He asked me if it could have anything to do with being gluten-free, and I said I didn't think so, but now I'm not so sure. Before going gluten-free, I always had a thick white coating on my tongue, but since going gluten-free that has pretty much disappeared. I've never liked using mouthwash because it burns my mouth, but in the last few days I've used it, I'll notice I'll be good for about an hour, but then I get my normal taste back in my mouth. My nose is still continually stuffed up, and I've read that having sinus problems can contribute to halitosis, but I don't know why it's stuffed up. I always have to breathe out of my mouth instead of my nose. My GP's suggestion was to take Zyrtec all the time...not doing that. I'm just so frustrated because I feel like I keep trying to fine tune my diet, but then something else gets out of whack. I don't want to take pills continuously for anything, I just want my body to cooperate. Does anyone have any natural remedies to suggest? ETA: According to my endoscopy report, I have a medium-sized hiatus hernia in my stomach.
  9. I'm not sure if it's in all Target stores, but in the two near me in Delaware (Brandywine and Christiana Mall locations) have started selling all of these http://udisglutenfree.com/product-category/frozen-meals/ I've seen these in several grocery stores locally, but Target sells them for $1.50-$2 cheaper. These Targets are also carrying WOW brand cookies as well. http://www.wowbaking.com/ Because I needed another reason to love Target
  10. Makeup/face Wash

    I've started using this that I found at Whole Foods. No guessing if it's gluten-free http://www.jason-personalcare.com/body-loving-products/gluten-free-new All Physicians Formula make-up is gluten-free, so I use that too.
  11. Celiac And Constipation

    I was a big C sufferer, and when people ask me what led me to get tested for celiac it was because of the C and bloating. For reference I'm a 29 year old female. I was always regular and then that started changing. My Mom tried to convince me everything was fine, but I knew something wasn't right. It's one thing if you've been irregular all your life, but I hadn't been and I knew I needed to get it checked out. I consider myself the queen of laxatives and C remedies Before I knew gluten was poison to my body, I loaded up on fiber products like Fiber One and boatloads of water but nothing moved and I felt huge. I dabbled in Dulcolax, smooth move tea, Exlax, but I knew I didn't want to take those for the long term so I kept searching. My GP prescribed Miralax, but I knew I didn't want to take that long term either and it didn't even help me anyways. My GP and GI kept saying more fiber, exercise and water, but it wasn't helping. Hands down the best relief I've found is magnesium and liquid glycerin. My GI agreed to test me for celiac and I tested positive and removed gluten from my diet. After some other tests I was diagnosed with fat malabsorption and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, but thankfully I took Creon, and I've lost both those diagnoses. The best C remedy I've found is magnesium. My C got better after the celiac diagnosis, but since my pancreas was out of whack I still had bloating and occasional C problems. I used to have to take a whole lot of magnesium to feel relief because fat malabsorption also causes you to lose magnesium. Magnesium is important in so many bodily functions. I take Super Magnesium from GNC. I don't recommend anything with magnesium oxide because it's harder for your body to absorb. My vote is for magnesium and liquid glycerin. I no longer use either of those on a regular basis. I can't even remember the last time I used the liquid glycerin. I will say that when I get super stressed from work around concert time, I teach elementary music, that makes the C reappear, but I take one dose of magnesium and it levels me out quickly. The trick is to find the right dose of magnesium for you because if you take too much it causes D. Hope this helps!
  12. Glutened-Little Vent

    thanks everyone I've been resting more and am definitely getting back to feeling like myself. I was told the pink coloring is back in my face which is a good sign. No more dark circles under my eyes and my headaches/brain fog are much better, but my intestinal area is still a bit sore. The gluten-free diet may be a little challenging at times, but feeling like myself is the best reward. I do not miss feeling like this regularly at all!
  13. Glutened-Little Vent

    I've been strictly gluten-free since March 2013 and to my knowledge have only been glutened three times. Unfortunately I'm still feeling the effects of the third one. I can't pinpoint it exactly, but I think it either came from Thanksgiving dinner or Black Friday lunch out. In general I have delayed reactions. I read about people knowing they've had gluten within a half hour, but that's usually not my case. Instead on Sunday morning I woke up with a killer hangover except I hadn't had a single thing to drink, and I've woken up with one each morning, but thankfully they've been reducing in intensity. I've had periods of brain fog, kidney pain and the dreaded C so I took some magnesium. My intestinal area is so tender. Drinking large amounts of water only makes me feel more bloated even though that's what I've been doing since that's what suggested. I feel huge even though the scale only says a three pound gain. I know the effects are being enhanced because it's that time of the month too, but I also know that so many of these things have not been happening monthly, and that most of it is from the glutening. I ended up taking the day off from work, which I never do, but my body just needed the rest. I can't believe I used to live like this daily, and think it was all normal. Thanks for letting me vent, and now it's time to go back to sleep. This too shall pass...
  14. Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

    I ended up being able to go off Creon about two months ago because my elastase testing went from 72 (indicated severe pancreatic insufficiency) up to a 414 (anything over 200 was considered normal), and things had been going really well! Unfortunately I got glutened sometime last week...can't pinpoint it, and I'm still feeling the effects. I ended up taking the day off work, which I never do, to just rest. I know it will pass, but I can't believe I used to think feeling this way all the time was normal.
  15. Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

    Wanted to add this PubMed abstract I found. I couldn't access the full text, but it seems more light is being shed between celiac and its connection to pancreatic insufficiency. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25417707