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B12 Questions

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about 5 weeks ago, I had some bloodwork done prior to a CT scan for Pulsatile Tinnitus and so I asked my dr if she could test for B12 as it is often related to Pulsatile Tinnitus. 

Long story short, I got an answer to my PT but also found out I have "mild cerebral atrophy" which (when I looked it up) is connected to low B12. My B12 results were around 345, deficiant being 200 or less and anything between 200-400 considered questionable and most average people being above 700. So, I started taking 2000 mcg of b12 under my tongue each day plus I continued my B Complex vitamin (called B Stress free) which I was on prior to the bloodtest. 


I have been feeling really blah lately...lack of energy and really tired at times. I am on summer holidays and so I thought mabye it was just finally being able to relax but i am pretty sure its not that. Sometimes I feel totally fine and other times, just so drained. 


any thoughts?? 



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I haven't done much research into the B12 relation to tinnitus, but I can tell you that my ears and hearing were definitely affected by gluten.

I do have tinnitus though it is only slightly annoying at times. And in hindsight, the time in my life when I suffered the worst symptoms of my gluten allergy (when I was 25lbs underweight) were also the years that I kept trying different ENT specialists to figure out why I had such bad ear aches.

More recent research tells me that allergies of any sort can trigger inflamation, fluid retention, and excess wax production in the ears.

Within a week of going gluten free, my hearing had improved enough to be noticeable, though I did hear phantom noises for another two months or so as things healed up. It sounded like a really distant horn blowing.

I still have tinnitus now, doesn't seem to have gone away, though I did notice that it got much worse after taking acetaminophen one time.

And I had B12 levels much lower than yours, tested at 227, though supplementing those doesn't seem to have helped the tinnitus either.

I have read that tinnitus is actually a problem in the brain rather than the ear. Something about the brain filling in the gap where you have lost range in your hearing with a noise that doesn't actually exist.

But I'm headed to the doctor tomorrow for more deficiency testing to see if my supplements have had their desired effects.

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