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Problems Responding...anyone Else?

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On my old desktop, I am suddenly unable to reply directly to a post, nor can I multiquote. The "reply" and multiquote" buttons simply don't work when I click on them. I can post in the "reply" box, but interestingly, the emoticons will not come up for me. The font buttons work, but not the emoticons. This change is sudden -- I've always been able to use everything when posting until a couple of days ago. Has anyone else had this happen? I am able to respond to things on other sites (facebook, etc.) Perhaps I've inadvertently hit a c.com setting on this computer.....and I can't STAND typing with no smilies!  Help!

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Have you deleted the computer's cookies and history?  This forum seems very sensitive to all that left-over stuff floating around in your computer.



And that's what Peter and Scott always say... :ph34r: 

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