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A Couple Of Good New Finds In Seattle

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Cafe Piccolo



Small Italian restaurant in north Seattle
I had bruschetta, lasagna, and cheesecake - things I have not had since diagnosis, about a year ago. All breads and pasta can be substituted for gluten-free. Everything was delicious! Waiter was very knowledgeable - as soon as I started inquiring about preparation - he said " We're very careful about cross contamination" - music to my ears!


50 North



Large menu - burgers, fish and chips - available as gluten free. When I questioned the server about the preparation - he told me that anything gluten free is prepared in a designated area. They even had gluten free key lime pie. I had fried eggplant sticks as an appetizer, a lamb burger with fries for an entree and key lime pie for dessert - it was all delicious!


I rely on "Find me Gluten Free" - which I think is a great app or web-site - I use it both ways. I try to post whenever I go to a new restaurant. It is a great way to network. The more people who contribute - the better the network!


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