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** Help! Waiting On Blood Test Results But Dr Diagnosed Rash As Scabies?!**

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Hi everyone

I am very new here. For the past three months I have struggled with what I thought was small mosquito and gnat bites but in the last 2-3 months the rash got out of control. I was desperate for some answers and made an appt to see my dr. A few days before my appt, I noticed my rash seemed to get worse after I ate so I started researching food allergies. I notices my rash looked alot like DH and decided to cut out gluten to see what happened. Well after only being off it one day it was a huge improvement! My rashes were much less and the bumps on my arms started shrinking. This was 2 days before my dr appt.

Two days gluten free pretty much (I made a few mistakes ingesting some gluten) and I go to the Dr. I tell him how I stopped gluten and saw a huge improvement and how I think I may be celiac. He tells me he has seen some celiac rashes look like that but he thinks its scabies. He than asks one of his colleagues to come look and he says scabies as well. Except he says the ones on my lower back look different. So they prescribe me scabies meds and I decided not to take them til I get my bloodwork back. It hasn't even been a week off gluten and my arms look substantially better but I am still getting new rashes that look like tiny bumps and welts on my fingers, neck and sometimes arms but they are so much less inflamed. I've been so worried this is scabies and how it will affect my family. My husband doesn't think it's scabies ESP since no one in my family has caught it. Has anyone been through something similar? There is no way scabies would get better without meds right? Also is it common for DH to keep having new rashes even after cutting our gluten?

Thank you for your help!

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