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Hyperparathyroidism: Need Insight Into This

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Hi Everyone,


I am a newly diagnosed celiac. My lab work showed slightly high calcium levels, Hight Parathyroid hormone and low Vitamin D levels. My doctor sent me for bone density test. During the review he just said not to worry that it might just be an adenoma. I now have urgent referral to  endocrinology (maybe he didn't want me to wait long or something is serious). Now that I am waiting to see the internist , I have all these question popping up in my head and I was hoping if you guys can share your insight or experience with me so that I am better prepared  for this appointment . I have also stopped taking my vit D and Calcium  (well I just stopped my prenatal vitamin that had calcium in it).


My questions to you guys are:


- was anyone else here diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism?

- what it a tumor or enlarged gland? 

- did you choose to have surgery or opted for alternative methods or chose to wait longer on gluten free diet to deal with this

- were these treatments effective? because I have heard that after removing one glad, the chances of recurrence are high and that people usually end up feeling sick in few years?  what was your experience with the surgery.


The reasons that I am asking this is because if in fact I have an abnormal gland or adenoma, with no bone and joint pains yet, should I opt for surgery or wait?


I apologize for this long message but I will really appreciate if you can share your insight/sugesstions/similar experiences!

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I do not have a parathyroid problem, just a thyroid problem but I do know someone who did....for all that this information is worth!  I have also read up on it as I wanted my husband screened for this problem, due to his having osteopenia.  Of course, his dopey doctor refused.


What I do know......99% of the time, if there is an adenoma of the parathyroid glands, it is not cancerous.  That is very rare.  It usually always involves only 1 of the 4 glands and you do not need to remove all the glands.  Only the one that is not right.  I have read reports where the more up to date docs say never remove all 4 as there is no need to.  Removing one is easy day surgery.  So beware of any doctors that push for removal of all 4 glands.


The problem with hyperparathyroidism is that it can deplete your bones of calcium and you know what happens with that.  In order to keep blood calcium levels correct, from having Celiac Disease and the resultant malabsortion issues,  your body steals calcium from your bones.  The only job that the parathyroid glands have is to regulate calcium levels in your body so when one isn't working, that goes out the window.  Having too much parathyroid hormone will deplete your bones also so this is important to seek attention for.  I read the article on the link I will supply and found it very interesting.




My friend had hers removed but it was a long time ago and they removed all 4.  She is fine, though. She was very symptomatic pre-surgery and was popping kidney stones all the time.


If it ends up being an adenoma of one gland, I would have the surgery.  It is supposedly less than 20 minutes to have this done. You don't want to mess with losing bone mass

and having hyperparathyroidism can cause many other health problems.  Read the link to give you some insight into what is going on and you'll be better prepeared when you see the doctor.


I have to go now but wish you luck and don't worry too much......this is a fixable problem and once the bad gland is gone, poeple feel better very quickly.  My friend was glad she had the surgery because she felt horrible beforehand. 

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