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Neuropathy In Small Children?

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Curious if anyone has had small children - diagnosed - with issues with neuropathy? And wearing, shoes, particularly?? My 4 year old daughter is going through a diagnosis now so I don't actually know if she HAS celiacs...but like a small 1-2 year old..she STILL has issues with wearing shoes - Reading up on celiacs/neuropathy made me start wondering if her distain of ANYTHING on her feet was actually a medical issues and not just a stubborn thing... :)

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I wouldn't rule it out! I am still amazed at how many annoying behaviors in my 3 year old have been resolved since going gluten free. Alot of them were behaviors that I just thought were "due to her age" but they have completely gone away (and come back if she eats something she shouldn't have!) An example that relates to your situation is that my daughter was incredibly, incredibly picky about the clothing she would wear before, and literally we had a meltdown about it every single morning because we'd be unable to find a SINGLE ITEM OF CLOTHING she would agree to. That stopped probably after a month of gluten-free eating. So, you never know.

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