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Has anyone tried any essential oils for digestive issues?  I have seen an oil called DigestZen that is for a multitude of digestive problems included Gastritis, IBS,  and Crohn's Disease.  I don't trust that the oil is going to solve my celiac but wandered if anyone has used it when they get "glutened".  I was diagnosed with Celiac in Novmeber and have noticed significant improves since I cut out all gluten.  I do still however have occasional bloating, stomach discomfort, and gas.  Just curious if this is something worth looking into.

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The  only  thing  that  can  heal  celiac  is a  100% , 24/7  gluten free lifestyle.... digestive enzymes  & probiotics can help  along  the  way....

the  digestive  issues  can  take  time  to  heal  so  stick  to the  gluten-free  diet....

I  do  believe  in essentials  oils ,  but  I  have  not seen  any  thing  about  this product  you mentioned...


By the  way  your  last  name  is the  same  as  mine!!!!   Are  we  related? You  can  send me a  private  message  if  you like! 

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