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How Do I Stop The Worrying?

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Put a moratorium on health related questions and talk. (if possible) Then, busy yourself. (to the extent possible)  For me, the busier I am, the less I think about negative things.  The less I notice aches.  The less I question every quirk in my body.  It doesn't magically fix things but it sure does seem to help.  I know that sounds so easy but I understand that its not.  When the DH kicks in, you're reminded of it every time you get out of the shower.  I get spots all over my body during/after a shower.  I started putting on lotion BEFORE getting in.  Over the last two months it has cleared to the extent that I can take a few showers without lotion and not notice the spots.  Maybe that will help you too?  I don't know.


Call up some friends you haven't talked to in awhile.  Go to a restaraunt you deem safe.  Force yourself to break out of your routine however that may be.  I put 10,000 miles on a motorcycle last year.  Why?  I didn't stress about my uncontrollables.  I was too busy leaning in curves, watching out for cars and potholes, etc.  Find something that when you do it, you're immersed and not reminded.


I hope you get relief of your stress.  I spent a full year being miserable.  Pull yourself up!  :-)


I put on my big girl pants weeks ago. I've been going to work out just about every day, stomach pain or no, D or no. I've finally decided to give up on the exclusion diet for a while, just keep track of what works and what doesn't. I just cannot live on such limited options. Last night I went out for sushi to a place I trust and had a great time. Dear hubs (DH, not the dermatitis type) has noticed that since he's stopped expressing his worry, I've been happier, so the positive reinforcement goes both ways :)

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