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I've been gluten-free now for about four months. Not so bad, but I'm still getting excessive gas from lots of foods, like milk, soy (D), even sometimes peanut butter (but only when I eat it in large amounts), and I'm tired of it. My face continues to lose weight even though I've managed to put on three or four extra pounds. What is happening? 

Also, do any of you have more D whenever you get nervous, as if you had a nervous colon? I've had this since this all started and that's why I thought it was IBS. However, that doesn't cause malabsorption. I'm beginning to think I have IBS and something else.

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Having problems with dairy is a perfectly normal thing to happen when you're just starting out on the gluten-free lifestyle. After I was diagnosed, and every time I've gotten accidentally glutened, I have had to cut out dairy because I was having trouble processing it as well. There's actually a scientific reason why, too!


As you know, gluten kills your stomach's villi, causing malabsorption and a host of other issues. Because villi produce lactase (the enzyme that helps you process lactose), you may have trouble with dairy until you're fully healed. I'd suggest talking to your doctor if you can, and possibly cutting dairy out for a month or so. You may find that, when you ease yourself back into it, you'll have fewer problems.


Also, "nervous stomach" is an actual thing, and some of the symptions are acid reflux and IBS. That might be what you're experiencing.

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