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Hi all


I'm in the testing phase of all of this. I suspect Celiac or Gluten Intolerant since like all of you I feel like absolute crap when I eat gluten. As well, my BMs have been 6+ times a day for over 2 years, B12 and iron are extremely low as well as depression/tiredness, emotional, etc. I thought I was gluten free for awhile and still struggling with health issues, but now that I learned about CC I'm so discouraged. 


I am awaiting blood test results, and last week followed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and after 3 days felt amazing. A.Mazing. And my bowels were starting to be normal (the first time in years!) Then after this weekend when I had some wine and my inhibitions were down I ate some Tortillia chips (maybe 12!) and I feel right back to where I was: sore tummy, loose bowels, headache, body aches, kidney pain… AND I feel So. So. Sad. Emotional. I didn't realize this low level sadness I just always have is related to gluten… is it?? 


I find I get in these really bad places where I just can't dig myself out. I feel so low (sad/depressed) that the idea of thinking about eating good feels out of reach. Unmanageable. Is this the "fog" that everyone talks about?? I was so motivated last week and now I feel back at square one and with no motivation/energy. 


I'm not sure I have a question. Just looking for some commiseration. My husband is about to walk in the door and my house is a mess, the kids are watching TV, I don't have a dinner plan and I just want to go to bed… Ugh :(

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