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Anyone else have reading like this when getting liver bloodwork done?


ALK PHOS  95 (H)     inter. units/L32-91

ALT(SGPT)  60(H)     inter. units/L14-54

AST             56(H)      inter.units/L15-41



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So, reading some of your older posts, I saw that your siblings have been diagnosed with celiac disease. Your doctor just told you to go gluten free without testing?

Anyway, if you have celiac disease (highly likely based on your postings), it can mess with your liver from some of my research. Adhering to the gluten-free diet should help resolve liver issues (as other previous posters have indicated) or it could be something else. I would recommend making another appointment to see your doctor. If he or she is out, then reschedule. Or find another doctor.

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