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I Gained Weight!

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Hello. Is it normal to gain weight even if im not strictly gluten free? i dont have a diagnosis of celiac disease and it very hard for me to follow a strict gluten free diet because i live with my mother, and even though she now believes me, thinks i'm exagerating with the cc.. so im not strictly gluten free. I used to have diarrhea 15+ times a day, and had tons of symptoms that improved almost completely (i think not completely because of the cc)

The thing is: i gained weight!! i'm 5'7 and when i was sick i was weighting 110lbs, now im in 136,5!! i gained 26,5 lbs, i'm happy cuz i think i was skinny but is this normal considering im not strictly gluten free? should i check my thyroid??


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Generally, people who have had bad damage from untreated Celiac do not absorb what they need from their food, and that can lead to low weight.  Once you start healing and properly absorbing things, if you had that going on, you definitely can gain weight.  If it continues or bothers you too much, just try to focus on overall healthy eating as you continue to heal.  A lot of the direct gluten-free substitutes are pretty unhealthy, so you can try limiting those if you are indulging in them now.


However, on the healing aspect... if you had such severe symptoms that would make one believe you probably had Celiac, and are now healing up and feeling better a bit, the only way you are going to feel 100% better is to be strictly gluten-free.  I understand that your life circumstances are not the most conducive to that right now, but I urge you to make it a priority when you feel it is able to be done.

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