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Celiac Testing And Insurance

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I thrive to ask the questions that don't get asked. In pre-diagnosis or testing, a question that I might want to know is:

How is celiac going to affect my insurance?

Once it is confirmed that you do have celiac, has anyone had any significant increases in their premium?

A lot of people linger on the edge of "should I really get tested?" and one thing that I have seen come up with loved ones is "I don't know that I want to get tested and have my premiums increase next year if I do have celiac, perhaps I should go gluten free all by myself and not let the doctor confirm it". After all the pre-existing condition clause does not prohibit insurers from raising rates for higher risk patients.

My immediate concern is the other problems and allergies that occur with celiac should be confirmed so you know it is not another more serious problem.

What are your thoughts and experiences?



i would be cautious about Life insurance as well, get it before dx.  WELL before, so they can't come back on you for lying.

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smri, if pre existing conditions don't count, why was my insurance more because i had a lump in one breast, than if i didn't have that lump??


???  When did this rate increase happen?  Not enough information to really answer your question...

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