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  1. Hard part with getting food from other parents is you don't know how it was prepared or what else it touched. At the in-law Christmas party this year, we brought veges and dip that I made because I knew that would be filling and fine for...
  2. My MIL told me at the family Christmas celebration that she though someone was just making up all of this Celiac stuff to make money..um, ok....We've been to visit them twice since my diagnosis and they keep insisting on taking us out to...
  3. Making steak and baked potatoes tonight....once I get the motivation to get the steaks going anyway....I would rather grill them but it's too cold!!
  4. I would take him to an immunologist or an infectious disease doctor. Have them run the full IG panel--IgA, IgG, IgM, etc. If his total IgA and IgG are not normal, then his celiac blood tests won't come back accurate. Ask for the IgG subclasses...
  5. I'd get a second toaster. It will cost less in the long run vs the foil or parchment. Any gluten food at our house is in the basement. The kitchen is strictly gluten-free. Your utensils and such should be fine as long as there are...
  6. Links have been posted disputing this claim and those 3% have been found to have something, not Celiac....if Celiac is an autoimmune disease, which it is, there has to be some genetic component present, identified or not.
  7. SMRI

    New Years Ideas

    I think the "silly and embarrassing" is something that you are projecting. If people ask, just tell them because of your recent surgery, you can't have alcohol and then move on. If your "friends" make you feel like you are sticking out...
  8. That is NOT true.....medications are tightly controlled by the FDA. There is a very long, very detailed ingredient list along with the chemical compounds for all prescription drugs. Also, generics are lower cost because they are no longer...
  9. If you do want to do the wedding at the cabin--sounds lovely by the way---there may be a caterer that is well versed in gluten-free cooking. Buying all the food and the time to prep and clean it up just might be worth the cost of the caterer...
  10. I've been doing so much baking/cooking the past few weeks I'm not doing anything today. Someone else can cook tonight
  11. So? Just because celiac is suspected doesn't mean that the other symptoms are not from something else. I don't see anywhere in the OP's post that the child is having anaphlaxtic reactions either. Most "seasonal/environmental" allergies...
  12. It's possible that other genes are associated with Celiac I guess, but there has to be some genetic component or it's not Celiac.
  13. You've said this before but simple biology says that what you are saying is not possible.
  14. Actually the dark circles and cough are very, very much allergy symptoms. It's also very possible that he isn't allergic enough yet for it to register on the allergy testing. Our oldest had those exact symptoms and nothing showed up on...
  15. SMRI

    Chef That Wants Your Feedback

    I just ate at a restaurant that had gluten free ravioli!! I really debated about that or the pasta dish I got. I ended up with the other pasta dish though.