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Stool Changes

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Wasn't too sure where to post this



In the past 6months I randomly obtained stomach pain, bloating, constipation, extreme tiredness and so forth and decided to eliminate gluten from my diet for a while as of 3 weeks ago despite having thought it may be to do with this for a couple of months.



Upon changing my diet these symptoms have alleviated and again put my quality of life somewhat back to the way it was before.



I have noticed the ability to pass stools much easier now however have they have some changes to them that I have noticed and wondered if these were characteristic to anything anybody else has ever found. For example, at first my stool appeared quite seedy (not black which I'm aware can be blood) now a week later I find my stools (less seedy) feel as if they are passing as a whole but when they come out they are similar to that of sheep droppings. 


Can anyone help?

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