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Pimple/sebaceous Cyst/insect Bite?

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unfortunately, I have to keep asking you questions. I hope you do not mind.


A few minutes ago, I accidentally touched the back of my t-shirt and I felt something underneath it. I looked at it and it looked like a bigger pimple on my back. I have never had acne or any rashes on my back before so I am not sure if it is possibly a bug bite or a sebaceous cyst, which I had no idea what it was but popped up in my search so I looked it up and it looks very similar. The bump does not hurt or itch, it is just raised. it was at hard at first but more I touched it and cleaned it with some alcohol, it seemed to have almost deflated and it is no longer sticking out as much. Nothing came out of it. 


Do I need to go see a dermatologist for this? Could it be an ant, mosquito, or spider bite? Considering that I have had various random symptoms lately, any new symptoms makes me wonder if it is celiac related or some other AI.


I only have occasionally some small, itchy rash on my neck but it does not look anything like this. Has anyone had any similar experience?


I truly hope I am not bothering you with my questions. 

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If it is a one time thing, I would not go see a doctor about it.  It could be any of the above things you mentioned, like insect bite, ingrown hair, pimple, etc.  If it is just the one and it is healing fine it won't need attention.  Just one of those things that can happen on the skin, and the body has its way of taking care of it.

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I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in January 2013. I also have Lupus and Common Variable Immunodeficiency(CVID) for which I am on IVIG.

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Thanks LauraTX. I decided not to go but just pay attention to it.  These days, I take photos of everything that is questionable for me in case something similar shows up  but also so I can show it to doctors if they do not believe me. I read that was helpful somewhere on this forum.


I blame myself for not paying a closer attention to my body before so I am really trying to listen to my body now.  I considered myself healthy prior to 2011 (when I noticed more persistent stomach problems) since I always exercised regularly (ran, used elliptical, spinning classes, lift weights, name it) and ate what I thought it was healthy (was advertised as such ). So, I never paid too much attention to my stomach. I wish I knew something...anything about autoimmune diseases years ago. I used to feel bloated after eating so I thought it was just because I ate a lot or had irregular eating habits due to my job. Looking back especially at that year of my life, I feel like I do not remember much about my life then at all, which was not that long ago.I thought it was because I had a stressful and hectic job but now I realize this could have all been also connected with Celiac.


So, I hope that my fellow Celiacs do not mind me asking questions.

Thank you.

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Hi guys, I need your advice. This pimple like looking bump is back. i woke up this morning and as I was about to change a shirt, I noticed it. I took a photo of it and realized it is on the exact same place as the one in September. I asked my mom to take a photo of it back then so that is how I know. Should I be worried? What do you recommend?

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