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Lisa Purcell

Hla-Dq2 & Hla-Dq8 Blood Tests Positive For Celiac Is This Definative?

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You have celiac. You have the diagnoses of two very good doctors. You don't need any more proof. If you can learn to accept that, everyone else can learn to too. Now you need to read and re-read the Newbie 101 thread and get good at the diet so no more accidents happen.

And pretty soon you will start feeling much better. :)

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I agree with Bartful. Don't even bother to explain all the dx's & mis dx's to people -- just tell them you have been dx'd celiac by 2 separate doctors & that's the end of that. 

Now on to a new life for you & it will be much improved. It does take time to heal so be patient.

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