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Has anyone else struggled with SIBO? (Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) From what I have read it often accompanies Celiac. My MD put me on a very strong antibiotic...said it was the only  thing that would cure it. Well it didn't. I started going to a naturopathic Doctor instead and he proved to be of no help either. Apparently he doesn't believe in Celiac and was giving me supplements that could have contained wheat?It's all in our heads guys...ha ha needless to say I stopped going there. So now I am back to square one. I really can't afford to keep visiting different doctors...all of which claim they can "fix" me. I have a pretty good idea of foods to eat and avoid, but am confused of what kind of natural supplements will eliminate SIBO. Any advice is appreciated! ?



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Hi Lacey,

My GI doctor gave me a list of foods to avoid (foodmaps) which might possibly help you.  What you eat can encourage or discourage the bugs.  I noticed if I ate  foods on the list, it would really bloat me up.  Rather than give you the whole list, I suggest you look one up online.  Another thing you might try is SCD diet.  It is basically no grains or sweets.  Paleo is the same or similar.  To find foods for paleo I watched youtube shows.  A NAET treatment for parasites seemed to help my body start fighting them off.   I wasn't officially diagnosed with it, but the GI doctor highly suspected it.  I had 30+ years undiagnosed, so many years of poor digestion.  I could not be officially tested for it because I couldn't drink the sugar solution to check for it!

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Hi Lacey,

I also tried Xifaxin.  It helped some.

SCD helped some.

Low Fodmap helped some.

Low fructose helped some.

I still have GI symptoms, Buddha Belly (although it IS less), and overwhelming fatigue.

There are plenty of posts on this site about SIBO, Balloon Belly, etc.  I have yet to read where someone actually got rid of the Belly Bloat--unless it "just happened" with time.

Wish I could help you more.  At least, you are not alone.  ;-)

If you do find a "cure for the Balloon Belly"---PLEASE POST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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