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MRT testing reviews

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So, I've been doing searches all week but I can't find any reasonable responses. So I thought I would reach out to the forum. I've been diagnosed with celiac disease for 2 years. And I'm pretty legit at controlling it. My numbers have all normalized and I don't really have too many issues. With the exception of nerve issues from time to time in my arms and frequent belching. I've been trying to figure this out for a year now. 

My gastro referred me to a nutritionist and I was talked into mrt / leap. 

Im on day 7 and I'm not noticing anything different. Still belching. Water is the worst. But this specialized diet is miserable. It's carb heavy and restrictive. Has anyone actually had a good experience that can be attributed to this test? It seems like I'm wasting my time. But I don't want to give up if there's hope. 

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