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Our two year old was diagnosed with celiac 2 months ago. We are all adjusting pretty well but are having issues with gluten in non-food products. He doesn't have DH, but because of his age and propensity to put his hands in his mouth, we were told by our nutritionist to be careful about things like lotions and soaps that contain gluten. He also tends to have lots of scrapes (following after older siblings). One thing I'm having a hard time determining is a gluten free anti itch cream. I tried to call Up and Up (Target brand) but they never returned my call. Anyone know of a basic anti itch cream that's gluten free? Thanks!

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For bug bites?  My family uses Children's Benadryl Anti-Itch Gel:

Not promoting Walmart, but here it is:


Of course none of these topical products should be ingested by anyone!  

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