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To trial or not? Not-formally-diagnosed kids

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So my older kids are now 7 and 9. They were both completely intolerant of gluten as babies, which prompted me to get tested myself. I am a diagnosed Celiac since 2010. Since even cross-contamination caused my kids immediate reactions when they were younger, they've never been on a "trial". One idiot GI doctor had my son eat gluten for 2 weeks, then did an endoscopy and (surprise!) found no evidence of Celiac. That was 5 years ago. We maintain a gluten free household, they take their own safe food everywhere they go, etc. On the rare occasions when I know they've been cross-contaminated (they haven't had a direct exposure in a few years), it wasn't much of a blip on their body's radar, if anything.

Lately I've been feeling like we should trial them on gluten, for the sake of simplicity at school, around their friends, scout campouts, etc. If they don't have to live gluten-free, it'd be easier obviously. My husband is leery of the idea, thinking it'll cause unnecessary pain. I see both sides. My question is this: for people who have been living 100% gluten free for years, will the introduction of gluten cause physical symptoms, even in the absence of gluten sensitivity?  I've read anecdotal things about people who do not have a gluten problem, reintroducing gluten, and having a period of discomfort, etc. while their body readjusts. Thoughts, suggestions?

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My son was diagnosed with celiac three months ago. He is two, so our whole house went gluten free for his safety. I have never had any gluten sensitivity or really any food reactions that I'm aware of. I have had gluten two times in the past three months and have had no reaction at all. I might not be the best case because it hasn't been years of a strictly gluten free diet nor did I have previous signs of sensitivity like your kiddos, but I wanted to give you a case of not having issues reintroducing gluten when you don't have celiac. Good luck! You're a great mom for worrying about your kids!

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