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  1. So my older kids are now 7 and 9. They were both completely intolerant of gluten as babies, which prompted me to get tested myself. I am a diagnosed Celiac since 2010. Since even cross-contamination caused my kids immediate reactions when they were younger, they've never been on a "trial". One idiot...
  2. Rice is a big problem for me. After 6 months of being grain-free, I decided to try adding rice back into my diet a few weeks ago. I was fine for the first 2 days, but then I got very uncomfortable guts/bloating/gas, my stools became very narrow and I got really constipated (I eat at least 30g of...
  3. I've been unable to find any soy-free gum (oil and lecithin get me too). I'd never heard of Glee Gum, but I looked it up and it's got other stuff I can't handle. I really miss gum!
  4. So I'm going to go ahead and assume that my grand plans for planting a straw bale garden this spring are ill-conceived? (This is where you plant your veggies into a layer of dirt on top of and into the sides of straw bales to maximize your garden space.) I don't know why I never asked "what exactly...
  5. Wonderful news about your dietitian and your workouts! How exciting and what a relief for you! I hope rice continues to be okay and that those rice cakes work out for you. :)

    I'm doing alright, just struggling with colon pain and major intestinal issues. I'm scheduling a colonoscopy to see about ulcerative colitis or IBD. I'm worried gluten/etc may not be the issue here...

  6. Hi there! I just wanted to apologize for my obnoxiously long post on the forum. No need to read or respond. :) I hope things are going better for you! Take care!

  7. Just wanted to wish you good luck when I saw you were down to 7 foods there. That was me about 7 months ago - I've added a few foods now, but now many. I don't know if any recipes/experiences I had would help, but you're welcome to email me (it's on my profile) if you'd like to talk or share. It's hard sometimes, finding someone who understands what it's like to be t...

  8. Well, since the last time I posted in this thread, I did two things: I stopped eating sunflower seed butter (it had trace amounts of soy), and I started taking a folic acid supplement. I have no idea whether it was one of these things that helped, or if it was just a matter of a little more healing...
  9. Just chiming in to add that I too have had tons of rib/chest pain. For years. Not a single doctor or specialist has been able to figure out why. I was dx'd Celiac in June, but couldn't convince my dr. to do the bloodwork for vitamin/mineral deficiencies until August. My vit. D was very low (...