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Negative symptoms after gong gluten free, mom is a celiac

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My mom is a celiac (blood and biopsy tested) and I have seen her get very very sick when she eats gluten, soy, etc. 

I did a blood test and the doctor said it was it inconclusive -- I was supposed to have a biopsy but it got cancelled by the doctor, and I go to school a few states over (it probably won't be happening for some time).

Anyway... About 3 months ago I decided I would go gluten free at the urging of my mom. I never felt sick when I ate gluten but do feel feverish when I eat a lot of sugar (so I don't).

About 2 months into my gluten free diet, I noticed my teeth had drastically deteriorated! I've always had structurally perfect teeth and no cavities or any problems but suddenly all of my front teeth top and bottom were chipping, deteriorating, and becoming translucent. 

Also, it has been nonstop borderline diarrhea for 3 months.

My average daily diet consists of... A cup of unsweetened almond or coconut milk, possibly some green tea, 10+ cups of water, brown and white rice, salmon or herring, a millet/quinoa waffle, a little bit of goat cheese, half a pomegranate, a banana, some strawberries or other fruit like avocado, usually raw but very occasionally stir-fried carrots and radishes, and 1/4th a raw bell pepper.

Everything is gluten free, organic, and non-GMO. I don't add sugar to my tea or anything like that.

The only difference when I ate gluten was I would have a sandwich somewhere in the mix and quite honestly less healthy foods like oven fries or Milano cookies would be thrown into the above diet.

The other month when I noticed my teeth deterioration I freaked out and could only find info that it happened to celiacs... When on gluten! But when I'm on gluten (or have been) my teeth were perfect.

I did a test diet of gluten for a weekend and finally was able to go to the bathroom normally! It was such a relief!

When gluten free I tried increasing my fiber but it doesn't matter how much I get -- always the same borderline diarrhea.

Long post (sorry!!!) but basically, it looks like to me that I only experience issues when I don't eat gluten. My teeth and digestive system I feel are indicators of this! 

Do you guys think it is safe and to my benefit to start eating gluten again full time?

Some of my friends are concerned that it is causing me invisible damage, but like I said I have lots of visible damage from not eating it!

Thanks so much!


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