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Test results - waiting for the GI to call

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My son, who is 4, has diagnosed celiac and I just had genetic testing done on his little sister who was born in April 2015.
I'm waiting for my son's GI to call me back but wanted to know other's experiences with these test results:

-Alleles detected: DQA1*01: ARSW, 02:01; DQB1*02:YE, 06:ZKVB

Positive, one copy for DQB1:02:01/02:02

All of the other DQs are negative.

The test reads back that she has a 1:210 risk of celiac which they have marked as low risk. 


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We were told not to bother gene testing our younger kids. They share genetics with Big Bro so there's a high chance they will have the genetics. We were told to watch for S&S and get tested every 2-3 years or sooner if there are S&S.  

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