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Hi Erin

My sympathies. Before I was diagnosed with celiac disease I had two terrible bouts of canker sores.  I remember one morning eating toast and marmalade and it felt like there was glass in the marmalade! Ouch!

Both times, not knowing I was a celiac, I decided to take it upon myself to dose myself up with multi vitamins that included B vitamins.  I must have read somewhere that that was what one should do and it turns out I was right.


At the time I took Berocca but I think you might want to look at a higher dosage, easily absorbed B12 tablets such as methylcobalamin sublinguals.  You let them melt under your tongue.

Just before diagnosis my B12 was found to be very low normal, you may wish to get your levels checked by your doctor.

I have also just found this article:


It shows iron anemia may also be to blame - I had this, too!

Hope this helps.




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I use to get them before I went gluten-free.  I stopped eating oats because it also does give me canker sores and causes my toes to get cracked underneath.  

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