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Bicycling and Hiking

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Hi! Thanks in large to this forum, I think I've pretty much conquered living with 3 people (husband and kids) who eat gluten... while in my home.

However, this past weekend I wasn't at home. We went on an overnight bicycle trip...first one since I was diagnosed...and I was glutened big time.  Ugh!  :wacko:

I need advice how to prevent the cc problem in the future because we are a bicycling and hiking family. Here's the scene: I baked my own bread and made all my sandwiches ahead of time. I brought my own gluten-free snacks. I kept all my food in zip-lock bags inside the cooler which was attached to the bike. I used wipes before I touched my food.

However, when we stopped for picnics, hubby and kids made their own sandwiches with their gluten bread...crumbs...little gluteny hands reaching into food bags... me holding their hands at various times throughout day while hiking...crumbs on clothes bag...bag brought into hotel room... wipes used by kids, but not consistently because kids reaching into snack bags on their bikes while riding...gluteny hands on bikes...me helping them push bikes... gluteny hands on water bottles...gluteny mouths on water bottles...Yeah, it was pretty much a nightmare. I didn't stand a chance. I'm not even sure the wipes are all that effective. Are they? Anyone else out here camp/hike/bike successfully with family members who eat gluten?

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