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floating brown stools

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6 hours ago, marip said:

I'm not too sure if I have a malabsorption problem or not.  I have brown floating stools.  Not pale or greasy.


Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease or Non-celiac Gluten Intolerance?  I notice you joined in 2014.  Did you ever go guten free?  How can we help?  

Sorry, I'm not a stool expert!  You could Google it...  Malabsorption?  Standard lab tests that check for anemia and vitamin deficiencies, etc.  should help make that diagnosis.  

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I have never tried a gluten free diet.  Couple of years ago I had a celiac blood test which was negative.  In June I had blood tests done and everything was normal except I had low sodium.   Also I do have low levels of Vitamin D.

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