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I am very embarrassed to discuss this But since diagnosis and diet changes l have had rotten gas and little or no bowel movements.  So I have been add fiber foods and it helps but does not eliminate and thought of eliminating any dairy of which I eat very little of.   This is a problem not sure if need to see doctor.  

Positive is that I no longer have any joint pain.  

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Are you eating mostly whole unprocessed foods? If you are consuming processed gluten free baked goods check ingredients for stuff you might not have eaten before diagnosis. I didn't know my system didn't like lupine flour (for example) as nothing I ate prediagnosis had lupine flour. Also be wary of even certified gluten free oats. There are celiacs who don't tolerate them and it is advised that we wait until we are fully healed before adding them into our diet.

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Hi Sharon,

You can try some Milk of Magnesia for C.  I suggest you do eliminate dairy for a couple months to see if it helps.  I assume you are newly gluten-free?  I think the best way to start the gluten-free diet is to eat mostly whole foods, like meats, eggs, veggies and nuts.  Try to avoid any processed gluten-free foods for a while, even gluten-free processed foods.  You can always add those to your diet after you have got past the initial healing months.

If your doctor tested you for nutrient deficiencies it can help to take supplements for anything you are low in.

Welcome to the forum Sharon! :)

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