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Calcium deficiency?

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Been about a month since the second run at going gluten-free (had to do a gluten challenge in between) and apart from one week before Christmas I feel worse than I ever have, new symptoms recently though...

I've noticed my arms and shoulders feeling progressively more sore and weak and beginning to click and crack where they didn't before.

Weight is roughly the same, within a pound or two tolerance, I've been wondering if it's possible to have muscle wastage yet stay the same weight (sounds unlikely but who knows)

This week all my muscles feel sore and have twitches, electrical feeling etc in them. Skin feels like it's burning and one eye has a dry itchy patch in the corner.

Now it could be a glutening as I'm struggling with that side too but I'm not 100% convinced that's the only issue here.

Started taking 3000IU vitamin D spray but one of the doctors has given me colcalciferole which as I understand is calcium and a small amount of vitamin D.

Could these symptoms be calcium deficiency and will the above help? What I don't get is I never had anything like this at any point eating gluten, supposedly the most evil substance yet I come off it and get all these new issues instead?

Confused and scared (having read the further complications of the various deficiencies) so any input would be a great help.

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