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All fruit juice causing stomach issues

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My 14 year old son has been gluten free for about 6 months after his celiac diagnoses, after almost of year.  We have fought mal-nutrition for 4 of those 6 months since he wasn't absorbing anything in his intestines.  We finally got a naturopath who gave him several liquid vitamins that seem to be making good progress.  He seems to still have little bouts which I am reading are normal as we work through things however he recently told me that any fruit juice gives him heartburn and makes him nauseous, I am wondering if that may be some of the diarrhea bouts.  I thought maybe it was fructose but he drinks soda and his fine.  Is a sensitivity part of the celiac or could this be something else?  Anyone else have children that react to fruit juice?

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First, it sounds like your  son is still dealing with a damaged small intestine.  That means he can still develop intolerances to anything, especially if he is getting any exposure to gluten.  

My kid does not have celiac disease, but she can not tolerate orange juice.  She breaks out in a rash.  Too much of a good thing.  It takes about two to four oranges to make juice (google it).  When was the last time you ate four oranges at one time?  Yuck!  It is a bit much.  But even then, the fiber will slow down the sugar hit.  Juices are often very acidic and that might be the issue too.  

Skip the juice and offer fresh fruit.  No juices are allowed in our house (nor sodas).  It is better to get get nutrition through Whole food.  We do cheat on this rule at a party and I get that your son is already deprived of so many foods.  

Is your house 100% Gluten free?  Or do you have strict kitchen safety  rules in place?  

Finally, it might be worth it for you and your son to talk to a registered dietician who knows about celiac disease.  This a tough age (mine is 15) and to have celiac disease is extra tough.  Kids like to fit in.  We have a celiac girl in the high school band.  She has glutened herself many times in an attempt to fit in.  It is a shame because it makes her anxious and it impacts her schoolwork.  

I hope this helps!  Keep advocating for your son!  He can get better!  

Oh.....did anyone else in your family test positive for celiac disease?  All first-degree relatives should be tested.  


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Thank you for the response.  Yes, I think you are correct he is still healing and having possible intolerances, and I am one impatient mama after watching the suffering for a year.  It has been difficult as he went through a period of just not eating after diagnosed and of course grumpy and tired.  When we tried to take the soda from him it did create much difficulty so I do limit it to only 2 a day, which yes is too much, but with him not eating previously I was trying to keep him happy.  We have been to a couple dieticians but when he wasn't eating it was rough. We were told at one point to feed him anything he would eat, gluten free of course .  I can get him to eat the prepackaged gluten free foods before gluten free cooking at home, he is SOOOO picky.  Our household has went gluten free (my daughter may buy snacks that are wrapped that aren't for her) and we only buy it if it says gluten free to eat even if it looks safe.

I was tested a few years ago via biopsy because I was having many issues but was told it was just irritable bowel and gerd, no celiac.  My daughter had her blood tested and was negative, the only one that hasn't is my husband.


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I get really bad acid reflux, and bloat with carbs, juice, and sugary things. I tend to do better just eating nuts, seeds, egg whites, veggies, and small amounts of dried fruits from GERBS allergen friendly foods like figs, dates, banana chips, and the unsweetened versions of a few others. I found limiting my fruit intake to 1-2 pieces dried or 1/4 fresh works best. As for soda I sorta just just sweetleaf drops and carbonated mineral water to treat myself to a fake soda on special occasions. Normally I just drink tea, and coffee sweetened with xylitol, stevia, or monk fruit.

If you must have some prepackaged goods, Enjoy life, and Vans make some decent processed ones. I would suggest sticking to whole foods though. See about asking what he likes and building a diet around what he will eat and try to balance it out. I can give more suggestions and recipes (Quite a few posted in the recipe section) if I know a bit more about his diet and would love to help, But as mentioned by others you should probably see about taking to a dietician to build a diet around his needs.

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