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Positive Gluten IgA and IgG test mean a celiac diagnosis?

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I have recently tested positive to Gluten IgA and Gluten IgG and Gliadin IgA and IgG.  Does anyone know if this is used to give a Celiac diagnosis.  I havent discussed the results with my doctor.  I also tested three times higher than normal in the stool test done by Diagnostic Solutions for my GI Map tests.  I had the biopsy today and am awaiting for the results.  My Naturopathic Doctor says that at the beginning of the disease that intestinal damage may not show up?  Has anyone else heard of that?

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Yes I've heard of that.  My problem is symptoms are very mild.  My physical results were also perfect.  No signs of malabsorbtion.  Gene test revealed only low risk gene.  However, I tested positive for IGG Gliadin DP.  This was about two years ago...

Doctor seemed to rule out celiac and didn't even want to do endoscopy.  I'm not convinced so I'm getting a 2nd opinion.  I've read many articles discussing latent celiac and leaky gut.  Essentially you test positive for antibodies and negative for biopsy.  They say this is an early form of the disease.

My strategy is going to be rerunning blood work with baseline.  For instance, I'm 90% gluten free right now.  I'm going to try and rerun tests when I see new GI.  If I test positive I'm going 100% gluten free.  If negative I'm going to consume more gluten  (2x pieces white bread/day) for 3 months.  Then retest.  If antibodies rise during that time frame I'll know I have a problem. 

Another thing about my situation... I had a very high gluten intake at the time of my initial test.  I was on wheat bread for lunch, pasta for dinner, and ate a whole box of honey wheat smacks at night.  I've read articles on how gluten can cause something called leaky gut (even in healthy people).  Essentially high gluten intake can inflame the gut and force the production of antibodies.  

So yeah, even if you test negative for biopsy I'd still rerun the bloods in a few months.  You might be suffering from NSGS or leaky gut.  Apparently leaky gut, if left unchecked, can eventually lead to celiac.  

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