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This sucks.

Negative sounding website and studies.

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Have any of you read this websites studies  that is just very negative and tries to make us celiacs feel like there is no hope.


   what does everyone here think about this site?    Are these facts true?  And what ass%$@# would make a headline like that?  

Sorry if this site has already been discussed in a post.  

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The sites main purpose is to sell you something. May be a bit of good info in there as I didn't read everything. I do know that I was close to death when I was finally diagnosed and I healed following just the gluten free diet, avoided dairy for a couple months and later did have to drop soy.  It took a bit of time but gluten free I am healthier than I have ever been.

I am not saying that the SCD diet might not be helpful for some folks but I think you could find info on it for free somewhere or from a good naturopathic practitioner or dietitian.

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I have visited this website.  While I agree that a more whole, (less processed),  gluten-free diet is probably the best way to heal in general, it is my opinion that this website is trying to sell you their product.  If you have money to burn....just send some my way (my kid will be going to college soon!). ?

Some celiacs do have a hard time healing.  Some think that just going gluten free is enough (and it can be for some), but let's face it, most of us have eaten or continue to eat too much processed junk food.  When you have a damaged gut, any of a product's ingredients can disagree with you.  For example, xanthan gum added to breads/baked goods in place of gluten,  continues to make me sick.  So, I avoid gluten-free processed baked goods.  Sad, but true.  Hubby can eat them, but I can not.  I went mostly grain free when I became diabetic a year after my celiac diagnosis.  I eat a low carb, high fat diet (one that keeps my glucose meter happy).  Now I feel well.  

The point is, that each of us must find our own way, in determining the best form of a gluten free diet.  What works for one person, may not work for another.  We all have unique intolerances that may be temporary or permanent.  Many of us have more than one issue (besides celiac disease) going on.  

Even if a person does not have celiac disease, the standard American diet, is not the best diet for long-term survival.  All that sugar, fast food, processed junk is making us fat and unhealthy in general.    So, go eat an apple instead of gluten-free cake.  ?  Save cake for special treats!  

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What Ranvenwoodglass said. It smells for everything like one of those web infomercials from "a sponsor" that goes on and on before it ever gets to the point. There is some element of truth to what he says but it is exaggerated by selective statistics.

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13 hours ago, This sucks. said:

And what ass%$@# would make a headline like that?  

One who is seeking to build their business via clicks and shares. Sensational headlines build traffic. A lot of these sites are just buzzfeed for ill people. 

You are doing just as I did when I realised I had a problem with gluten, you're surfing the web and looking for answers. There's some good sites out there, like this one, and there's plenty of snake oil merchants also.

For what its worth I think there's some things of value within the site you reference, as there is in many of the other sites that also have questionable content. I don't resent people making a living by helping others with an often tricky condition, although from reading it the knowledge seems to reside mostly in the original SCD work by Elaine Gottschall, I'm not sure how value they've really added, certainly not enough for me to give them 40 bucks for some ebooks and mp3 files...  :unsure:

8 hours ago, trents said:

It smells for everything like one of those web infomercials from "a sponsor" that goes on and on before it ever gets to the point.

Exactly! I can just imagine a 30 minute SCD infomercial with a cheesy paid audience and an excitable host who acts like it's the greatest thing in his and anyone else's existence:


 'Hey you mean to tell me I get the three ebooks AND the celiac disease as well? Get outta here!'

You could look there and elsewhere for guidance, but here's an idea, it's not always a good idea to look for it. I took some time off from researching this once I realised the process was no longer helping me recover. I was reading more and more accounts of people who weren't doing well, or who were reinforcing my negativity. I felt better once I stopped going to those sites and focussed on the very simple good advice from the likes of CyclingLady's post above.

You may want to consider doing the same?



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