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safest foods

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I would like to know what to stick with to be safe when eating out. Part of my job is to take the man I care for to his favorite restaurant 3 days a week. we only go to 2 places.  a family restaurant (which knows I have celiac ) or he wants five guys. I tend to stick with scrambled eggs or bring my own salad dressing for salad. My patient doesn't really for his disease understand my disease. he only understands I am allergic and gets very nervous if I don't eat.  should I stick with egg skillets. the restaurant does have gluten-free but uses same waffle iron for both so that's a no. 

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Personally I only trust two places in my hometown. A chilis where I know the manager and have talked with them and a sushi restaurant. I stick with salads, steamed veggies, and in the case of how they do it I can have the roasted veggies, and the special roasted fish. They use a conveyor broiler to roast the veggies and fish on a foil sheet so no cross contamination. As for the steamed veggies if the restaurant knows and uses a dedicated steamer/colander it is fine. Note some places have been known to use a gluten laden colander from pasta, or even do it over boiling pasta (YES this has happened to a few of our members) Ask and talk with the manager and make sure they understand the issues with cross contamination. Ask for no seasonings, and bring your own that you know are safe. My local ones let me bring my own sides and dishes as long as I order something. I do this to feel normal sometimes.

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