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Dr. Korner Caramel Rice Cake not gluten free

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Very disappointed. I'm in Russia and there are not many gluten-free options for snacks (I would have been more prepared but I was ordered  to go gluten-free a week before I had to leave for this 3 month long stint). 

Anyway, I found some Dr. Korner caramel rice cakes labelled "Gluten free" and bought them, trusting the label (which I will not do again). Ate almost the whole pack last night before becoming curious about the ingredients. Yeah, first ingredient is barley. Today, my skin itches, my stomach felt like lead this morning, and my lips are swollen and have sores. I wrote something on their FB page but who knows if it will do any good.

EDIT: They approved my FB post, and the UK and Russian entities have separate pages. I posted on the UK page, and they do not label this product as gluten-free in the UK.

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Do you have someplace where you can cook there? If you do then you may want to go with whole foods as much as you can while you are there.

There are dining cards for different countries that you may find helpful if you have to eat prepared foods.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

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ravenwoodglass, good suggestion. There is a kitchen, I have been making buckwheat (only $1 for 1 lb here), rice, and oats (which I am going to start phasing out). I was hoping for a snack/cracker-type item, but no avail. :|

Those dining cards, I think I found them online. I have mostly avoided going out to eat because of my budget and I don't want to deal with it--sometimes people here are dishonest about how they prepare food.

Thanks, this is a very informative community so I am glad I found it!

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Consider using the dining cards in the grocery store.  We used our card in Poland, where even being part of the EU, we were not always able to read the labels.  Store employees were so helpful.  

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