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Frequent Loose Bowels in Six Year Old

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Has anyone had issues with their children losing control of their bowels? I honestly can't tell if he just holds it in too long until he can't anymore or if he has lost control. It's not *every* time, but it's multiple times a day. Sometimes it's at school (fortunately school is aware and lets him get cleaned up versus sent home). He says he isn't bothered by it, doesn't know that it's happening... but also, at home he often (tries) to hide it from us. I'm waiting to get a referral to a digestive doctor to "check things out", but in the mean time... any commentary is helpful (please be kind!) 


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Yes, loose bowels can be a symptom of celiac disease (but it could be something else too).  All celiac testing requires that a person be on a gluten diet.  So, do not change his diet!!!  

Learn more from this reputable and well-written celiac site at the University of Chicago:


I hope he feels better soon.  ?



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