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Scott Adams

Gluten-free Fish and Chips

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The folks in Norwich, England know a thing or two about fish and chips. So does Lucy's Chips, which has operated a popular stall on Norwich market for the last 40 years.

So, many people were likely surprised to see Lucy's suddenly double in size. And likely even more were surprised to see Lucy's offer a gluten-free version of their popular fish and chips, each prepared in separate areas.

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As a Brit the loss of fish and chips was very difficult to bear! It's our national fast food (introduced by Italian immigrants I think) and when its done well its delicious.

I was really excited when a 'chippie' offering gluten free opened in my home town. I drive past perhaps a dozen in order to get there. A couple of weeks ago I was too late as they'd turned off the separate fish fryer so they gave me a portion of gluten-free chips on the house :)

I've just been to another one in Wales that has a 'gluten free tuesday' when they clean the fryers and for one day only you can get a guaranteed gluten-free fish and chips. It was delicious. Another welsh chippie in Benllech on the Isle of Anglessey has now gone completely gluten free as they found that the gluten-free batter mix which they'd switched to absorbed far less oil than it's glutenous forbear. 



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