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I was diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago and the recovery went pretty well. But: right after the gluten-free diet I started to gain weight. Which may have been welcome first (because of malabsorbtion) but since then I am struggling with it all the time. I tried any diet you can imagine and will end up gaining all again. Tyroid was checked, healthy nutrients and all these things considered. It feels as if the body still wants to "keep" all it can get and is just resisting to loose some pounds. I was around 134lb before and 154lb now... Its so frustrating! Does anyone know that and has an idea what could be the reason? I feel it may have to do with celiac disease. Sorry, if there should be any writing mistakes, I am from Germany. Thank you, Lou23.

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@Lou23 I don't know what might work for you but I recently went on an autoimmune diet because I felt there were other autoimmune issues that were causing system wide inflamation and pain.  I am a celiac and gluten free for 15+ years.  The diet is from The Autoimmune Fix, Dr. Tom Bryan, and involves an elimination diet targeting potential antibodies that get into your system through leaky gut and cause collateral damage.  You eliminate gluten, sugar, and dairy in Phase I, and additional items in Phase 2 if needed.  Give your gut time to heal and slowly try adding back in some foods (but never add back gluten).  After a few weeks in Phase 1 I'm finding that weight loss is happening very easily.  I'm also taking glutamine supplements.   I'm paying more attention to what I'm eating, which helps, but I'm also finding it easier to control my appetite.   I've also had more energy to be able to increase my activity.   It appears that this combination for me is allowing weight to come off more easily.

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