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The only good thing about celaic disease in my opinion

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Hi everyone I'm new to the fourms, I've been diganosed with celaic diease last year about a year in half now. I suspected I had it since I was little just like my grandmother.

i hate this disease not being able to eat out like I use to and it comes with other problems too. Can't eat dairy or drink soda eat soy or seeds.  Been feeling sick for no good reason like today ha.

But the best thing is I lost a lot of weight cutting so much out I was 230 pounds a year in a half ago I'm down to 170 now. 

thats about the only good thing from having this diease in my opinion. It forces you to eat healthier or suffer.


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Yeah the other intolerance issues that crop up can be a huge pain. LOL my issue is putting on weight, I am back to gaining weight and working out to bulk. I find it funny I can eat a 4 cups of my homemade sugar and dairy free protein icecream, a 6 egg omelette, a salad, and snack on nuts and almond butter and still gain hardly any weight. Heck breakfast is 2-4 slices of nut based toast, 12 eggs either as omelettes, waffles, or scrambled, baked goods, almonds, etc......stuff gets retarded sometimes but I cook 4-6 hours a day and get to enjoy my food lol. Made me a dang good chef cooking from scratch.

If you ever need any help finding foods, or needing supplement health I have a bunch of suggestions and have knacks for finding things.

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