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Study: Digestive Complaints Common in Early Corona Virus Hospitalizations

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To All,

I came across this article today and wondered what people thought about it.


Is Corona Virus mainly a GI disease in the first week....thus explaining the high asymptomatic carrier population(s)....

Here is the full citation....entitled "Digestive Symptoms in COVID-19 Patients With Mild Disease Severity: Clinical Presentation, Stool Viral RNA Testing, and Outcomes"


I will quote why this could be....and triggered my thinking in this area...


"The digestive symptoms of COVID-19 likely occur because the virus enters the target cells through angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) 2 (8), a receptor found in both the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract where it is expressed at nearly 100-fold higher levels than in respiratory organs (9). In addition, viral nucleic acid is detected in feces in over half of the patients infected with COVID-19 (4) and in nearly one-quarter of cases' stool samples test positive when respiratory samples are negative (6,10)." (Which is similar to the Asymptomatic figure for COVID-19)....

So it would make sense the first symptoms' (Like unexplained GI problems) would begin the first week until the classic coughing and fever would appear in the 2nd week.....the GI symptoms' are being missed (IMO) as an early sign of COVID-19....

It/they (GI problems) have recently been identified as a symptom in the new COVID-19 syndrome in  children...

What you do you think does/could the first symptoms of COVID-19 be unexplained/unexpected GI problems in the first week  until fever and coughing show up...

(I had  come across the PreProof copy of this paper once before but got busy with life and was too busy with other things) and when I saw the AARP article it triggered my mind and thought it would be a nice discussion to have on Celiac.com

I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advise.



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