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The Donger

HUGE improvement post breast-implant removal

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My mother says gluten never really agreed with her stomach (just slightly) then around age 50 she started to lose weight and hair. Finally she was diagnosed and avoided gluten and her life got back to 'normal'. Now, at age 67 or so, it has progressed to where if she eats a spec of gluten or washes her hair etc. with a contaminated product she looks 9-months pregnant within about 10 minutes and has excruciating pain that takes days to go away and requires an epi-pen in many cases. She had breast implants removed recently and has since had almost no allergic 'attacks' but still tries to avoid gluten. Before, she would still have one about every week due to changing food ingredients, a moment of weakness or whatever. Now, basically living the same as before she has had maybe 3-4 attacks in the last 5-6 months after having them out. Meanwhile, my wife got implants about 7 years ago and at age 42 now she is noticing that she can't eat bread, pasta, etc. or her stomach swells and her joints get achy. I read and many women have experienced this same phenomenon (either the timing of getting implants or having them removed and improving dramatically). SO, has anyone experienced this or heard stories? Pretty interesting and worth looking into.

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