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Cold Medicine

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Hi -

I've got either a bad cold or allergies coming on, and my head gets so stuffed up....does anyone know if Sudafed and/or Claritin is okay?

We called the Sudafed company and they said that while sudafed itself doesn't contain gluten, it may be manufactored in a place that does manufacture gluten containing products. I do know that the two days last week I took Sudafed, I got glutened....but it might have been from a couple of different things.

I've tried steaming, hot showers, etc.....any ideas??



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My spring allergies are killing me this year! Claritan is gluten-free. I've been using it for years--and am currently using it. My allergist gave me Zyrtek, but honestly, for me, the Claritan works and causes me no side effects so I prefer it. B)

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